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Hello, and welcome along to my website. My name is Ian Rodwell and I am English living just outside London. I have a fantastic life for which I am really grateful. I am also working my way towards a wonderful new life.

Every day is a step in that new direction. In this website, through my blog and books I want to show you how to improve your life too. In your working life I want to move you from working now to Working Wow. Work life should be fun and a pleasure to be there. It is for me, both in my everyday job and this website work that is a breeze.

I see a working life for you that can be everything that you want it to be. You can do this by:

  • Learning in small steps
  • Learning smarter not harder
  • Making learning fun
  • Getting the key information that you need
  • Having someone to guide you every step of the way
  • Applying what you have learned
  • READY?  –  FIRE  –  AIM!!!!

I have learned so much in my working life. I have worked with many different people, I have experienced many varied things, I have worked in numerous companies, I have learned things from many great teachers. And now I am ready to pass that learning to you.

Also, in your home life, your relationships and just your general all around being, I want to show you and share with you tips and ideas to make every day special.

Please check out my Blog, my ebooks and have fun here on my website!

Also check out my Facebook fan page that is Working Wow with Ian Rodwell, and my Twitter Feed too.

I started to learn to set up a website (the technical bit!) on 07 November 2011 but I am absolutely determined to consistently continue learning and persevere to pass on to you all that I have learned. I want to give you that helping hand in your working life.

Are you ready to step up to Your New Working Wow Life?

I look forward to helping you and working together on creating the working life of your dreams.

Committed to helping you from move from working now to Working Wow.

Ian Rodwell





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