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I am a fifty five year old married man who has enjoyed fantastic experiences in life. I am a Chartered Surveyor and I have worked in many different countries in the construction industry, although I am from England originally. I help to resolve disputes, manage teams and generally get the job done.

My main focus at work is to have fun and enjoy every second of what life has to offer. Over the past few years I have studied extensively the masters of life coaching that have taught me so much. However, I have not really seen their teachings applied to a huge section of our lives, when we are at work. Hence the development of this website and my Facebook fan page Working Wow with Ian Rodwell. I have a need to help people in their working lives to breeze through it in the same way that I do. Day in and day out.

I no longer worry what others think, I just work each day with my main aim to have fun. I am totally responsible for my actions and my working life. No one else dictates my happiness or any other aspect of my work unless I choose to give them permission. This has freed up my mind to happiness.

My philosophies are pretty simple. I like to teach simply ensure that people understand and encourage people to naturally execute what they have learned. The last part is generally the most difficult, with the old nagging doubts creeping in. I no longer prevaricate, I just jump in when I feel it is right. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, I just get on with it. For example, today at the time of writing it is 19 January 2012 and my website launch date has been set by me on 01 February 2012, as is my Facebook fan page. And I will just meet that deadline with no ifs and buts thinking that maybe I can polish it some more. It is just the day.

Ready? Fire!!! Aim!

I want to help you by using what I term the SUE system:

  • Study

  • Understand

  • Execute

Welcome Video

 I want you to benefit from my experience, study and passion to help others. Definitely including YOU. YOU are my focus.

I look forward to helping you to help yourself to the working life that you dream of. Whatever you want in your working life I want to help you get there.

For me that means WORKING WOW!!!

I see three stages to Working Wow, and it is up to you how far you choose to go:

  1. To get the job/promotion you want
  2. To give you the attitude tools to give you control
  3. To show you the way to move beyond what you believe you are capable of to the working life you can only dream of now.

I hope that this introduction gives you a little insight to who I am and what I am about but you will learn so much more about yourself by following my blog, signing up for my Working Wow  Newsletters, being a fan on Facebook as well as enjoying your unique journey that we call Life.

Life is not a rehearsal. Live it to the full. Live WORKING WOW!!!

Committed to helping you to move on up in your working life.

Ian Rodwell

19 January 2012

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