Eileen and my glasses


We had a lovely Irish cleaner who would come to our house once a week on a Friday when my wife Sandra were out working and cleaned our house in Twyford in Berkshire. The arrangement worked pretty well for a while.

Then one weekend my wife was working away from home in Rugby and I went to stay with her in her hotel. We had a lovely weekend, we went to the cinema, to the gym and one or two other places too.

I drove back home on Sunday afternoon and I was wearing my glasses to drive as I am short sighted. I always keep one pair of glasses in the car and another pair in the house.

When I got inside the house I could not find the other glasses, and I turned the house and my car upside down to try and find them. I rang my wife who checked her bedroom, her handbag then she went out to the cinema and health club etc. where we had been. All to no avail as she could not find my glasses either.

It was a complete mystery. I had got used to having two pairs of glasses so I went to Boots the Opticians and got a new second pair of glasses. I had my eyes checked and my eyesight was the same as before. Within 3 weeks I was back with two pairs of glasses. But about £150 lighter in the wallet.

A few weeks after getting my new glasses the phone rang at home. It was Eileen.

“Have you by any chance lost a pair of glasses?”

Six weeks after losing them, Eileen had realised that she had taken my glasses by mistake.

I think I did pretty well not to blow my top!

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