How to do a project? Now do this…one thing at the time

One of the best ways to make progress in your working life is to complete one task at a time. How to do this? Easy peasy.

Select one task that you need to do today and complete it. Just do it and complete it.

As you complete one thing that you need to do you will begin to feel more in control and know that you have completed one of your working life tasks today. From there you can start to build, one task completed at a time.

To increase your confidence even more, intersperse short easy to do tasks in-between more taxing tasks that will take you longer to do.

This will give the feeling that you have achieved something as your brain will classify all the to do tasks equally and you will have completed one in hardly any time at all. You will start to feel less “overwhelmed” as you make progress in this way.

Complete one task at a time rather than trying to tackle everything at once. This will build your confidence and lift your spirits, getting you firing on all cylinders.



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