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EBook – The Inside Track on How to Live Your Life in Harmony

For me the quickest route between where I am and where I want to go is to be in harmony. When you are really buzzing and in complete harmony with yourself that is the quickest way to achieve anything. From the simple job of doing the washing up for example. If you think “oh no, I really don’t want to ... Read More »

The Inside Track of Successful Goal Setting Techniques Ebook

How are you progressing with your goals? Have you made any of them yet? No? Well, this book can surely give you a little helping hand with some great tips to help you on your way. Great, red hot, sure fire essential techniques that will help you meet your target: getting your goals. ¬†This book was previously released as “12 ... Read More »

Ebook – Blog Posts 51 to 100 I Don’t Expect You To Grow Flowers in the Desert

My second Ebook of Blog Posts from my website www.ianrodwell-limited.com with everything Working Wow. Whether you are looking for a job, want to improve your attitude in your present job or really move on up to Working Wow and the working life of your dreams then there are 50 sure fire blog posts here to guide you on your way. ... Read More »

Blog Posts Book 1 – Just Me and the Crickets

¬† I have updated my “Just Me and the Crickets” book today (31 March 2014) and it has a fresh new look cover and the inside too has a new introduction and layout. Please check it out!!!! I started my website www.ianrodwell-limited.com on 1 February 2012 (1212) to help people with their lives to give back some of my experiences ... Read More »

69: 7 x 70 Challenge: 7 Essential Goal Setting Techniques

In order to live a more bountiful life you need to have goals so that you know where you are going. It is like going somewhere without a map (or a sat-nav!) and you don’t even know where you are heading! Here are my 7 top goal setting techniques: 1. Write your goals down These must be in writing so ... Read More »

FREE Ebook of Quotes Volume 2

I am fascinated by words and how they can inspire us to greater heights. I have collected hundreds of them over the years and I have put them all into eBooks for you, that I have called “Quotes of Note” Here is Volume 2 for you. Just Click on the button to get your copy!!! Please check out all the ... Read More »

68: 7 x 70 Challenge: 7 Ways to Greatly Improve Your Money Management

We would all like to accumulate and keep our hands on some cash for a bit longer and I have learned a few things over the years. Some obvious and some lessons learned. Here are my 7, and with a bit more cash in your life you will feel more bountiful. 1. What I learned from my Dad Let’s get ... Read More »

eBook – The Inside Track to a Happy Marriage

This is another in my eBook series, the Inside Track. If you would like to get yourself a copy please click on the icon above or the button at the end of this post! Thank You. The following is from the Introduction: I have now been happily married for 10 years (almost) at the time of writing. I am 55 ... Read More »

64: 7 x 70 Challenge: The 7 Hardest Lessons to Learn in Life

Sometimes there are aspects of your life or things that you do that are probably just relevant to you, but this blog post that is more concerned with more major issues that relate to pretty much all of us at one time or another. By dealing with these issues in a more coherent manner or at least being aware of ... Read More »

62: 7 x 70 Challenge 7 Things Successful People do Every Day

  I have read extensively and practised in many ways to be as successful as I can in my life. Maybe I have fallen short, who is the judge but me? However, if you want to be successful what you need to do is to do what successful people do. Just follow their lead, their blueprint. Here are my 7 ... Read More »

60: 7 x 70 Challenge Who you gonna call? Stress Busters!!!

7 Ways to Calm Down, Calm Down With all of the fast paced life things we have to deal with these days, we always say that we are stressed. This is just an excuse of course, we become what we think about. However if you are “stressed” then you need to calm down, calm down and put in a call ... Read More »

58: 7 x 70 Challenge: 7 Obscure things at your library

Reading has always been a passion for me, right from my pre-school days badgering my Grandad to teach me to do, that he was grateful to do too. Anything but read more comics to me! As a result I have really benefitted from the library and their reading material. Burying my head in a book has been a delightful experience ... Read More »