How can I make significant progress in my work? Easy – How to do a to do list

One great benefit I have found in my working life that has made a huge difference is to write a short list of jobs to complete on that day. This is never longer than ten items, and some of them are quite short items to complete as well as more difficult tasks.

For example a list may read:

1. Filing
2. Make phone call to florists to order flowers
3. Sketch out plan for website
4. Clean shoes etc. etc.

As you change over to this methodology you find that your mind becomes more task orientated rather than feeling a sense of overwhelm when a huge list is written, or you just deal with matters that arrive on your desk. As tasks are completed you begin to feel a sense of achievement too.

These two benefits of not having a sense of overwhelm and sense of achievement help create a more productive working lifestyle and greatly aid your feelings towards your working life.



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